Roxley Dunlop

Senior Consultant

I’m a successful start-up founder, turned high-end tax and business advisor, for organisations mainly across construction, manufacturing, agriculture & wholesale, with a turnover of up to $50million per year.

Growing up working in and around small businesses including engineering and mechanical workshops, I was exposed to the everyday issues that get in the way of efficiency & profitability – which propelled me to step into a career where I could identify smarter ways to work. For 30 years, I have been committed to delivering practical advice that improves both the lives and bottom line for my clients. I do this by working closely with people and uncovering areas that are hindering growth, draining cash, as well as installing tools that monitor business performance.

Running an efficient business is also about looking to the future, which is why I establish advisory boards for family groups to guide business and family through successful succession transition to future generations. Getting this right ensures that estate planning is executed in accordance with my clients wishes.

I value integrity, honesty & sharing knowledge and believe that high-performance teams do their best work when we foster a culture of trust, belonging, respect & lifelong learning.