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Let’s face it, nobody likes paying tax. And nobody wants to pay more tax than they have to. Deciding to optimise your tax position, whether personal or business, takes careful, considered planning and should be handled by experienced tax specialists. 

Australian tax laws are complex and always changing. You need to partner with tax advisors who can navigate the complicated world of taxation law, keep you and your business compliant and can act quickly on any changes to current tax laws.

When you partner with a Palmers’ tax advisor, you can feel secure knowing the personalised, comprehensive tax minimisation solutions created for you will place you, your family and your business in the best possible position now and into the future. 

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Staying tax complaint is about more than just making sure you’re following the current tax rules and utilising the correct tax concessions. It’s about working with an experienced tax advisor who understands these complicated tax laws and can optimise your tax position while also managing your risk and exposure. Palmers tax advisors work with you to create tax solutions to maximise opportunities while minimising risk.

Business Taxes

The modern economy moves at lightning speed. Today’s businesses, whether you operate domestically or internationally (or both), need to have the right tax structures in place. Any business wanting to manage their company and personal dealings in an effective and efficient way, needs to look past what tax you pay today and how today’s decisions impact your future.

Capital Gains Tax

Every small business owner should know about and understand the implications of Capital Gains Tax (CGT), especially at tax time. If you’ve sold, or are planning to sell, a business asset, applying the right CGT concessions can save you lots of money come tax time. Or if you have personal assets, such as property, shares and cryptocurrency, that you are looking to sell, CGT may also apply. Why not chat with a Palmers’ tax advisor before selling, just to be sure you’re making the most of any CGT concessions you’re entitled to claim.

Audit Support

When you need an independent view of your finances. Whether to validate your position, satisfy stakeholders or confirm compliance, Palmers have skilled, independent auditors ready to conduct your external audit reviews. More than just confirming compliance, our auditors provide the necessary transparency to confirm a business’s current position while highlighting where it’s going.


While business or corporate restructuring can happen for many different reasons, the one commonality is it can be a challenging time for everyone involved. It doesn’t matter if the restructure is a result of a need for organisational change, to support financial arrangements or there’s been a sudden surge in growth, the needs of every business is different and requires expert advice and guidance.

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Our down to earth, practical and personalised estate planners will take you from concerned and stressful to confident and in control. Here’s just a few of the ways you can experience the Palmer difference. 

Knowledge sharing

We pass on our knowledge so you feel empowered in your estate planning decisions.

Experts under one roof

As a finance hub our in-house specialists and panel of experts can assist you with all your financial needs.

Outcome driven

We put you in control of your financial well being, with estate planning centred around peace of mind.

Partners for potential

We see the big picture and look towards tomorrow. Uncovering opportunities you might not have considered.

In safe hands

We help you prepare for every eventuality and optimise every opportunity when it comes to planning your estate.

On your side

We’re always open, honest and transparent. It’s at the heart of all we do and is in the Palmer DNA.

In your corner

No matter your circumstances, we’ve got the financial expertise to customise a solution that’s right for you.

Personally invested

We care about you. You’ll always have a primary adviser and team of experts who understands you and give their time generously.

Find better ways

The Palmers culture is built on constant learning and being at the forefront of legislative changes and innovative ideas.

Genuine collaboration

From the first moment you meet with us, we’re on your team. Because our relationship with you will always count the most.

We’re here to help.