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Why choose a career in finance?

A career in finance is too often overlooked, surrounded by myths of being a boring numbers game, and yet a career in finance is one of the most exciting, opportunistic industries in the world. With the establishment and success of the FinTech sector, opportunities at the very forefront of technology, innovation and global transformation are also on the table. With Australia ranked #6 in Fintech, demand in this growing area for people with finance training and backgrounds will be hugely advantageous.

GREAT reasons to choose finance with Palmers







Reputable, trusted and down to earth

In business for over 40 years, we are a long-established organisation that has built a solid reputation for first-class service and outstanding expertise. We are a friendly team of 20 passionate people who are renowned for our down-to-earth, honest approach.  A diverse and inclusive bunch, we speak over 14 languages collectively and are unified in a common goal – to empower everyone to make decisions and be in full control of their financial wellbeing.

We’re all about people

Our secret to success is being a people-focused organisation, one that listens and seeks to understand first and foremost. We pride ourselves on establishing and building long, strong relationships, ideally through the lifetime of our clients.  

Our wide and diverse range of individual and business clients trust us with managing broad portfolios through to completing tax returns. Clients stay with us, and they recommend us to family, friends and colleagues.

‘I love working at Palmers because the people are great, the team and the clients are all a pleasure to work with and I feel as though everything I do is really appreciated.’

Culture is king at Palmers

What does it feel like to work at Palmers? It’s not all work and no play at Palmers, we make plenty of time to socialise and have some fun. From our Friday lunches to nights out, we spend time getting to know one another and time to celebrate our successes. As well as offering strong remuneration packages we provide a quarterly bonus based on organisation wide targets.

Our modern offices provide a laid-back, open working environment for collaboration and casual conversation. There is a family-like vibe in the office because everyone is on the same team, which means, everyone looks out for one another and goes the extra mile to provide help or support when needed.

Flexible, friendly working conditions are a given and we believe our successful growth should harness feedback from clients and the team so that we continue to create a business and culture that everyone loves to be a part of.

'I get a lot of personal satisfaction in my role because I know that I make a real difference to people's lives. There is nothing better than saving people money or helping them to find the money they need to realise their dream or ambition.'

7 reasons to choose a career in finance.

Packed with purpose

A career in finance is all about helping others. From helping people to realise their dreams, or to achieve their full potential by helping everyday people navigate complex situations and make the most out of their available opportunities. Delivering services and solutions that can positively impact someone’s life is both rewarding and satisfying.

Personal lifestyle gains

As well as helping others, being knowledgeable and clued up in finance will enable you to take great financial control of your own life. It enables you to live your dreams with the peace of mind and decision-making power that allows you to shape the life you’re looking for.

Variety is the spice of life

Finance is a vast landscape which opens you up to a wide and diverse range of roles and opportunities. Practical and applicable to almost any other industry, the experience and transferable skillset will set you up with the ability to change direction, or settle and specialise depending on where life takes you.

A business world of opportunty

Finance isn’t going away and the global potential and demand will always going be there. Plus, for those wanting to flex their entrepreneurial flair or start a business, a career in finance provides the best foundations for understanding and creating what it takes to succeed in the business world.

It's about people, not numbers

The majority of careers within the finance industry are focused on people and understanding their needs, developing relationships, collaborating and working together. It’s a career path that will help you hone your interpersonal and communication skills, which will enrich your experience of human connection and relationships across every aspect of your life.

It’s an over-achiever in the basics

Stability, good salaries, high demand, varied roles, growth, flexibility, solid progression paths – a career in finance really ticks all the boxes when it comes to the no-brainer requirements and criteria that people are looking for when it comes to assessing career options and a role for the future.

Exciting, dynamic industry

As well as being a suitable choice for those looking for stable and flexible roles, it’s a great choice for those who enjoy problem-solving, forward-thinking, and an always changing environment. With the surge of innovation disrupting traditional models and methods, the industry is constantly changing and evolving. This makes the finance industry one of the most exciting career landscapes today and in the future.

Who is suited to a

career in finance?

Finance is a career for anyone who is interested in people. Being successful in finance is based on the desire to help others and build relationships. It’s a career for those who enjoy continuous learning as the world of finance is ever-changing and constantly growing. At Palmers, we look for people with a positive attitude and an open mind.


We are also interested in young people that bring a fresh perspective and skills, knowledge and interest in emerging trends and technologies– for example AI. We know the world is moving on in new ways and want to employ people who will enable us to be at the forefront as the world changes. It’s a career for people who are keen to gain experience that can translate into life skills that will drive their own wellbeing and purpose.

If you think it’s for you, please get in touch

Interested to work with us? Express your interest by telling us a bit about you and why you are interested in a role at Palmers. If you’d rather chat things through, that’s fine too, call us and ask to set up a career chat with Roxley Dunlop.