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Retirement may be a long way off or it may be just around the corner. Whatever your current circumstances, taking control of your retirement with your superannuation or even considering a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) could be your ticket to financial freedom. Not to mention, it’s an excellent way for Australians to minimise taxes while you’re saving for retirement.

An SMSF is a great option for those wanting to make their own investment decisions. But successfully planning and administering a SMSF takes financial know-how and expertise.

Perhaps you’re after a little bit of advice from time to time about which public offer fund best suits your situation and you just want us to cast our eyes over everything tax time. Or maybe you’d like to consider a Super Wrap account with similar direct investment advantages of an SMSF but without the administrative burden. Or if you’re needing more regular SMSF advice, Palmers are here to help in all retirement planning scenarios.

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Administering a SMSF is a significant responsibility. You need to oversee the fund, including all the administration, while simultaneously managing the various investments. This can become overwhelming if you’re not confident with all aspects, including what happens at tax time. Partnering with a Palmer SMSF specialist means you can self-manage with some professional backup when needed.

Establish SMSF

Setting up a SMSF can be tricky, even if you’re confident in your ability to manage it yourself. When you choose to partner with a Palmers SMSF expert, you’ll sit down and have a chat to find out what you want from your SMSF. Once a plan is in place we get on with establishing the self-managed super fund you want.

Fund Selection

Choosing the right fund for your superannuation is a crucial first step and mistakes made now could have massive implications down the track. So why leave it to chance? If you are seeking advice on which public offer funds or wrap account is best for your circumstances, then we’re here to help. Alternatively, our SMSF experts can help you find the fund that works best for you now as well as supporting your short and long term retirement investment strategy.

Retirement Planning

Depending on where you are on your road to retirement journey, retirement may seem a long way off. Or it may be fast approaching. Whatever your circumstances, it’s never to early to start thinking about what happens when you say goodbye to working life. With trusted advisors by your side every step of the way, you can look forward to retiring the way you want.


Choosing the right investment portfolio is another critical element whether you have a public offer fund, wrap account or a SMSF. In a wrap account our Palmers experts can assist you with selecting the correct investment portfolio for your needs. Alternatively, when establishing an SMSF that will allow you the financial freedom you want in retirement, identifying your risk tolerance is key. Are you comfortable with high risk, high returns? Or do you prefer more risk averse strategy. Your Palmers SMSF specialist partner can help find what’s right for you.


With no set retirement age in Australia and people living longer, the rules around retirement and borrowing were ready for an overhaul. So, back in 2010 they changed, and this means your SMSF may be able to borrow money, to invest. If you need a short term loan, your Palmers SMSF specialist can advise.


One of the most popular, simple and tax efficient ways to invest in your SMSF is buying property. And with the seemingly unstoppable Australian property market at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you? But there are some pretty strict rules around property investments and your SMSF portfolio. Your Palmers SMSF specialist knows all the rules and is keen to help you build the SMSF you want.

Estate Planning

Our hands-on estate planning professionals know from experience that every financial and legal decision you make isn’t just a financial one. When it comes to passing down your hard earned wealth, ensuring the financial security of your family is always top of mind. Your Palmers estate planning partner is ready to guide you through the personal decisions in your life that really matter.

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