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To look after your lending and mortgage needs, Palmers have partnered with some of the most trusted financial institutions in Australia. And we don’t just give you the best interest rate, we also help structure your finances tax effectively.

Because you’ll have access to a panel of lending experts, we’re confident in ensuring you get the best financing option for your situation.
Whether you’re looking for finance for a new home, an investment property, commercial property, a car, boat or even a plane, our lending specialists are here to help.

We’ll take the time to ensure your borrowings are correctly structured and help to ensure maximum tax deductibility of any interest paid.

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Whether you need to finance (or refinance) your own home or you’re building wealth and buying an investment property, you want the right loan from a trusted financial institution. But you also want your finances structured to best advantage for tax as well. Our mortgage experts can take care of everything for you.


You may be buying your first investment property or you’re a seasoned investor with a substantial property portfolio. Either way, you understand the importance of sourcing the right loan with the right interest rate. It doesn’t matter if you’re just making some preliminary enquiries or you’re ready to sign on the dotted line, Palmers are ready to help.


It’s exciting when your business has expanded to the point you need to move into a bigger commercial space. Or you have to open a second or subsequent space. And it’s in an even better location! If you’re keen to chat with a credit advisor who’s worked with Australia’s most trusted financial institutions for over 30 years, then you need to chat with our lending experts.

Equipment Finance

Chances are when you need a brand new piece of equipment, or you need to upgrade a piece that’s served you well, you need it fast. Your business needs to keep moving so you don’t have time to faff around with paperwork, meetings and delays getting finances approved. Palmers work with you to get it done fast.

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At Palmers, we're on your side

Our down to earth, practical and personalised estate planners will take you from concerned and stressful to confident and in control. Here’s just a few of the ways you can experience the Palmer difference. 

Knowledge sharing

We pass on our knowledge so you feel empowered in your estate planning decisions.

Experts under one roof

As a finance hub our in-house specialists and panel of experts can assist you with all your financial needs.

Outcome driven

We put you in control of your financial well being, with estate planning centred around peace of mind.

Partners for potential

We see the big picture and look towards tomorrow. Uncovering opportunities you might not have considered.

In safe hands

We help you prepare for every eventuality and optimise every opportunity when it comes to planning your estate.

On your side

We’re always open, honest and transparent. It’s at the heart of all we do and is in the Palmer DNA.

In your corner

No matter your circumstances, we’ve got the financial expertise to customise a solution that’s right for you.

Personally invested

We care about you. You’ll always have a primary adviser and team of experts who understands you and give their time generously.

Find better ways

The Palmers culture is built on constant learning and being at the forefront of legislative changes and innovative ideas.

Genuine collaboration

From the first moment you meet with us, we’re on your team. Because our relationship with you will always count the most.

We’re here to help.